"A small, lightly protected skeleton that throws bombs. They deal area damage" Supercell

Level 1 Stats
Health 150
Damage 120
Per Second 63
Hit Speed 1.9 Seconds
Range 4.5
Speed Medium
Deploy Time 1 Second

Elixir Cost: 3

Useful against:

The bomber deals heavy splash damage, which therefore makes it an effective card to use against groups of enemies, such as Skeletons, Goblins or the Witch. He can also be used to help counter Spawner Decks, Barbarians and the Goblin Barrel.

Useless against:

He has a slow attack speed, which makes him vulnerable to troops such as Valkyries as they can take a bomb or two before killing the Bomber and she can still survive. It is also weak against arrows, which will leave the Bomber with a shred of life. He will be then picked of by the Crown Tower. He can be semi-crowded out because of his attack speed.

How to use:

A common counter for the Giant/Royal Giant/Hog Rider is the Skeleton Army, and the bomber provides perfect cover. Stick him behind a tank with some Archers or Spear Goblins and expect to do a lot of damage.