"The musketeer is a mean shot with her trust Boomstick" Supercell

Level 1 Stats
Health 340
Damage 100
Per Second 90
Hit Speed 1.1 Seconds
Range 6
Speed Medium
Deploy Time 1 Second

Useful against:

The Musketeer targets both Ground and Air, which makes it a very versatile troop. It can be used to one-hit Spear Goblins or, with the help of some Archers, can be used to destroy Balloons. She is also useful when deployed versus a Goblin Barrel as she will distract and destroy. She is also beast against the Baby Dragon

Useless against:

Tanks. T.A.N.K.S. She can't handle them. Her damage is too low, meaning she'd need 20 shots to take down a Level 1 Giant. She not a good counter for troops like the Knight as they will survive her shots and attack her. She is not a Big-Heavy-Hitter.

How to use:

As she is a back-up troop, deploy her behind a Tank and watch the tower crumble. She is also good for polishing off the last few hundred of the tower.